Hi everyone,

Our names are Priscila Leboreiro and Priscila Guerrero, we are really good friends that happened to meet through our husbands that happen to be best friends.

We are both Mexicans, but thanks to destiny live in Dallas, Tx. and since none of us have family here, it was easy to become close friends.  Even though we were born and raised in different parts of Mexico, we share the same values, passion for traveling and discovering new cozy places to enjoy a good cup of coffee, handcrafting, cooking, baking, and finding new ways to become better women, and the best way to do it is having such a good partner in crime. Lol.

A couple of days ago we were talking about how we could join all these things together and being able to share it with all the amazing women out there. That’s how this lifestyle blog came to life. The purpose of this blog is to share our life experiences as newlyweds, tips and tricks for your daily lives, as well as easy recipes, restaurant and coffee shop reviews in DFW area, DIY’s, beauty hacks, share our travels, road trips and adventures.

We are planning to open our own shop; importing products from other countries and little towns and bringing them to all of you at accessible prices. We want you to be part of this process, that is why we are going to share each step of the way, and we will open our online shop.

We hope you enjoy every post, picture, review, recipe, every laugh and every tear. But specially that you can see us as your friends and that we all can create an awesome community.

Thanks for reading us!



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