Travel Diary- Mexico city

Hi everyone! Welcome back to another travel diary. I’m so happy to share with you some of the pictures of my trip to Mexico City. We stayed near the Zocalo in a cute little hotel with a great view.

We enjoyed long walks, plenty of museums (most of them free), and Amazing food!  It was my first time there so I enjoyed it as much as I could.

One thing that I loved about the city was its diversity; people from all over the world, and different types of food. I couldn’t believe the amount of people on the streets, every day at any time, it was a little overwhelming but I also enjoyed the adventure.  One of my favorite parts of the trip was going to Teotihuacan, those pyramids are surreal!! Oh and also that this City is full of color!! 




Hope you enjoy the pictures! And thanks for reading us. 

Priscila G.


Travel Diary #1

Hi everyone, it’s been so long since our last post but we are so happy to be back!

Three weeks ago I went to Monterrey, Mexico; for the first time since I got married. It was so exciting to be back, I missed my family and friends so much.  I also missed Mexican food, so bad! Lol.  As you can see on my pictures there is a lot of food, and I enjoyed it as much as I could.


(Monterrey skyline).



I love corn and this was the first thing that I had,  Farmville was a great choice!



I ate fish two days in a row and it was really good! I enjoyed it even more because I went with my mom.





This place called “Las tapas de arriba” is awesome, loved the decoration and their coffee.  It is perfect to get some homework done or a relaxed evening with friends. If you are from Monterrey or planning on visiting you should give it a try.



This new place called “Llena tu loko”  is so different to anything I’ve ever tasted. There are more than 100 things you can put on your cup and top it off with chamoy, that makes it extra spicy and crazy!



I also visited my grandparents and enjoyed it a lot; my grandma is always prepared to receive us with cinnamon tea,  freshly baked bread, and coffee (for my dad). I am so blessed to have them.

IMG_6701 IMG_6706

This “quesadilla” was awesome, it had cheese and chicken. It was so good that I can’t even describe it! My dad also visited, we enjoyed this breakfast so much and later that day we went to a baseball game.

This is the first part of my trip and I am excited to show you more pictures. If you want to visit Mexico I totally recommend Monterrey; it is a beautiful city, has really cute coffee shops, and delicious food.

Thanks for reading us,

– Priscila G.